BrGr Basics.

25 Feb

You may ask, “how can someone who rarely eats beef appreciate a gourmet hamburger restaurant?” Point taken. Let me just say that my husband is a voracious carnivore and can vet the burgers for this post.

And BrGr has a lot going for it beyond the burgers: an outdoor fireplace, fantastic fries, and a fabulous patio to sip milkshakes on (in warmer weather, of course) are almost enough to satisfy me.

I like the idea of BrGr more than I actually like eating there. I like that Prairie Village has a well designed urban eatery hanging out in one of its strip malls. I like that 90% of the patrons are parents with children, and yet the restaurant retains its trendy feel. I just wish that the main dishes excited me more.

I’ve been to boutique burger joints (ahem..Blanc..) that serve up equally stunning beef alternatives. The Spiced Lentil Burger at Blanc is exotic and out of this world delish. In contrast, the VrGr at BrGr is serviceable and stodgy; it gets the job done, but isn’t going to rock anyone’s world.

There are a few salads on the BrGr menu, most notably the Green Goddess with “roasted chicken, feta cheese, red peppers, olives, celery, croutons & Green Goddess dressing” and The Wedge, which is delightfully decadent.

My husband likes the C2, a patty made of ground chicken and andouille sausage with “caramelized onions, watercress, blue cheese and chipotle aioli” on a corn bun.

He also recommends the Jucy Lucy, which has molten cheese stuffed inside of the sizzling beef patty, and the tasty Out-N-In (but cautions that it bears no resemblance to the similarly named SoCal manna). The onion rings speak for themselves.

BrGr keeps the younger set happy with mini chalkboards and a straightforward kids menu.  Unfortunately, my son is the only child in America who doesn’t like hamburgers or hot dogs.  So, he orders a grilled chicken breast (sandwich without the fixings) and some of those fabulous fries. 

The Good: PV was itching for an injection of cool and BrGr definitely delivers on style. I especially love the space-age heaters and industrial chic ceiling fans.

The food is good, but….

The Bad: …in my opinion, they are missing an opportunity to try more innovative and  inventive cuisine.

The Ugly: Burgers and salads are $8-9 a pop and do not include fries. You can easily spend $15-20 a person ordering a burger, fries, drink and one of their marvelous milkshakes (they make a milkshake with marshmallow cream – need I say more?).

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