Eat and be merry, but be wary. Dim Sum at Bo Lings.

21 Feb

The fortune cookies at BoLings should say “be careful who you go to Dim Sum with.”

My husband will eat anything once. He’s always game when it comes to gastronomical experimentation. His fearlessness with the fork may have something to do with the fact that he has a diminished sense of smell and taste. So, something revolting is rendered merely unpleasant when he eats it.  

Not the ideal dim sum companion for someone like me who has relatively low risk tolerance at restaurants.  When the big metal carts roll by our table, I always stop the ones that display simple and recognizable favorites: steamed shrimp dumplings, savory pork buns, crispy spring rolls, sweet cream buns and custardy egg tarts.  I even like slightly bitter lotus leaf rice and sou pastries.

My husband calls over the carts that carry strange, pungent dishes with unrecognizable ingredients.  His choices invariably involve slimy seafood, fermented beans, or deep fried chicken feet.

Dim Sum is a blast for kids and is best enjoyed in groups. Our son thinks that grossing Mommy out with the Phoenix Talons (fried chicken feet) is the height of hilarity.  He loves Bo Lings lo mein noodles and devours an astonishing number of spring rolls for a kid his size.

Go, eat and be merry – but be wary – don’t let the gridiron gut of your group place the orders!

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